Cities #6: Oklahoma City (Jonathan Knight / Red City Radio)

Foto: Nicole C. Kibert /

Egal ob „Show Me On The Doll Where The Music Touched You“, „Never Bring A Cup Of Water To A Gunfight“ oder „Spinning In Circles Is A Gateway Drug“: wenn es um Kreativität bei der Auswahl von Songtiteln geht, sind Red City Radio ganz vorne mit dabei. Im vergangen Jahr erschien mit „Titles“ (Paper + Plastick bzw. Gunner Records) der neuste Streich der sympatischen Punkrocker. Bevor die Jungs im April und Mai wieder auf Tour kommen, stellt uns der Bassist Jonathan Knight kurz und knapp Oklahoma City vor.


Since when do you live in Oklahoma City?
I (Jojo) was born here. Dallas moved to Stillwater,  OK after high school, which is about an hour away from OKC. He grew up in Nebraska. Garrett moved here as a kid.

What should everyone know about Oklahoma City?
Oklahoma City Thunder rules. People are generally very friendly here.

Is there a thing that totally annoys you about the city?
Oklahoma in general is a very conservative place. But, as with any place, you can always find like minded people to surround yourself with.

What is the greatest thing about living in Oklahoma City?
The nice people, the big city amenities with a small town vibe.


How does the city reflect itself in your music? Does it influence you in any way?
It’s surroundings I’m sure find their way into lyrics. It’s home. 

Whats your favourite venue to play in Oklahoma City?
The Conservatory.  It’s the perfect shitty dive, all ages venue.

What’s your favourite place in the city?
The place that gets the most shout outs from our band is definitely The Hilo. Stop by if you’re ever in town. Strongest drink in town.

Do you have a favourite song or movie about Oklahoma City?
The movie Twister. Not my favorite movie, but it is unintentionally hilarious, and perpetuates everyone’s fear of our gnarly weather.

If you would not live in Oklahoma, which city would be your favourite to live in? Why?
Denver for sure. Colorado is a great state, and Denver feels like a home away from home. Also, the Denver Broncos.

What would be a perfect slogan for Oklahoma City?
Thunder up.


Im April/Mai kommen Red City Radio auf Tour:

24.04.2014 Köln – MTC
25.04.2014 Saarbrücken – JUZ Försterstr.
26.04.2014 Bausendorf – Riez Indoor Festival
27.04.2014 Dessau – Beat Club
28.04.2014 Hannover – Bei Chez Heinz
29.04.2014 Wermelskirchen – AJZ Bahndamm
30.04.2014 Münster – Skaters Palace @ Unlce M Festival
01.05.2014 Göttingen – Gotmar 10
02.05.2014 Meerhout – Groezrock Festival
03.05.2014 München – Zenith @ Monster Bash Festival
04.05.2014 Stuttgart – Pirate Satellite Festival
05.05.2014 IT-Turin – blahblah
06.05.2014 IT-Milano – Rock’n Roll
07.05.2014 AT-Graz – Bang Bang Club
08.05.2014 Nürnberg – Zentralcafe
09.05.2014 Meppen – Jugendzentrum
10.05.2014 Kiel – Hansa 48
11.05.2014 DK-Copenhagen – Underwerket with Perdition
12.05.2014 Berlin – Comet Club
13.05.2014 Bremen – Tower MusikClub
14.05.2014 NL-Amsterdam – Winston Kingdom
15.05.2014 UK – Cardiff – Undertone
16.05.2014 UK – Leeds – Santiagos
17.05.2014 UK – Glasgow – Audio
18.05.2014 UK – TWO SHOWS!!! Matinee: Kingston – The Peel Matinee – EVENING: Southampton – Joiners
19.05.2014 F-Lille – Le Monk’s Bar
20.05.2014 F-Paris – Gibus Cafe
21.05.2014 F-Lyon – Warmandio
22.05.2014 CH-St. Gallen – Grabenhalle
23.05.2014 CH-Solothurn – Kulturfabrik Kofmehl (Raumbar)
24.05.2014 Wiesbaden – tba