Cities #8: Toronto (PUP)

Wir bewegen uns in unseren Stadt-Interviews zum ersten Mal außerhalb der USA. SideOneDummy Records jüngste Wunderkinder PUP (=Pathetic Use of Potential, das Debütalbum erscheint Anfang April) erzählen uns von ihrer Heimat, der kanadischen Metropole Toronto. Die größte Stadt des Landes und Partnerstadt von Chicago (badabing, da haben wir ja die perfekte Verknüpfung zum letzten Interview) ist u. A. die Geburtsstadt von vielen Schauspielern wie Will Arnett (Arrested Development) oder Mike Myers (Austin Powers) und Musikern wie Joni Mitchell oder Neil Young und liegt direkt am Lake Ontario. Was man sonst noch alles über die Stadt wissen sollte und welches Bauwerk  mit „Canada’s raging erection“ gemeint ist, erzählt euch PUP in unserem Fragebogen.

Since when do you live in Toronto?
We’ve lived in Toronto all of our lives. We were born and raised in different neighbourhoods but we all grew up going to the same shows.

What should everyone know about Toronto?
It is an incredibly welcoming, cosmopolitan city that has something for everyone every night of the week. 

Is there a thing that totally annoys you about the city?
Torontonians have an inferiority complex about the city; we often compare ourselves to other cities and complain about Toronto, instead of being proud of what makes the city unique.
Oh, also, Rob Ford.

What is the greatest thing about living in Toronto?
The music scene. 

How does the city reflect itself in your music? Does it influence you in any way?
We have a lot of lyrical references to places we hung out growing up, places nearby and in the city. Also, there are so many great bands in the city that we’ve all kind of inspired one another. The scene has definitely played a part in shaping our sound.

Whats your favourite venue to play in Toronto?
It’s a tie between The Silver Dollar and the Horseshoe Tavern. Both are beer-soaked venues that are full of local and international music history.

What’s your favourite place in the city?
We always end up at west-end neighbourhood pubs that have good beer: The Indie Alehouse in the Junction neighbourhood; Bellwoods Brewery on Ossington; and Brydens in Bloor West Village.

Do you have a favourite song or movie about Toronto?
YYZ by Rush. Inspired instrumental masturbation about the city’s least-inspiring landmark.

If you would not live in Toronto, which city would be your favourite to live in? Why?
Chicago. It has a similar feel and we always have a great time when we play there.

What would be a perfect slogan for Toronto?
Toronto: home of the CN Tower, Canada’s raging erection.