Cities #11 – Adelaide (Josh Mann / Paper Arms)

Eigentlich geht es an dieser Stelle ja immer um den aktuellen Wohnort der Künstler. Für Paper Arms-Sänger Josh Mann machen wir aber eine Ausnahme und lassen uns von ihm von seiner alten Heimat Adelaide berichten. Australiens fünftgrößte Stadt kann sich immerhin damit schmücken, dass der bisher jüngste Nobelpreis-Träger aus ihr stammt. Was sonst noch so toll an dieser Stadt ist und welche Bars besonders empfehlenswert sind, erfahrt in unserem kleinen Fragebogen.
Übrigens: Wer Paper Arms live erleben will, hat bald wieder die Möglichkeit. Im Mai kommen die Punkrocker wieder auf Tour (Daten unter dem Interview).

Since when do you live in Adelaide?
We’ve all spent most or all of our lives here.

What should everyone know about Adelaide?
Adelaide is an underdog of Australian cities, but it’s a great place to live. Bigger doesn’t always mean better.

Is there a thing that totally annoys you about the city?
It’s a small city and the crowds here are often a little fickle with ticket sales. Quite often great bands will come through Australia and skip over Adelaide because of that. Really sucks if it’s a band you love.

What is the greatest thing about living in Adelaide?
Housing is cheap, living close to some great beaches, we make some of the best wine in the world, the scene here is close-knit and there’s some great bands. Also, every March is festival season with the Adelaide Fringe Festival, Festival of Arts, music festivals and a few other big things going on. The city is so alive during March that I truly believe that, for at least that month, it’s the best city in Australia.


How does the city reflect itself in your music? Does it influence you in any way?
I think that you can’t help but soak up the sounds of a local scene. When you grow up watching and playing with local bands every weekend you’re going to influence each other a lot. I’ve always thought that we were playing a style that was more “Melbourne” than “Adelaide”. But when I came to Melbourne I realised that we are much more melodic than bands of the same genre here. I think that has a lot to do with Adelaide and the bands I was surrounded by when I was growing up.

Whats your favourite venue to play in Adelaide?
There’s a dive bar here called The Crown & Anchor. No bad attitudes from the staff, guarantees for the bands, free shows for the people and cheap beer for everyone! It’s not that hard, but not many places get those things right. Honourable mentions for The Jade Monkey, The Grace Emily and the Metro.

What’s your favourite place in the city?
My favourite bars probably. The Exeter Hotel and the Grace Emily Hotel. Also the city is surrounded by parks which are great in summer.

Do you have a favourite song or movie about Adelaide?
Our song “Bricks & Mortar” is about Adelaide and getting the people there to feel a sense of ownership in their city and to make it a place they’re proud to live in. Ben Folds also has a nice song about Adelaide from when he lived here for a couple of years. Paul Kelly has one too, cause he was born here, but it’s not overly nice as he left and never came back. haha.

If you would not live in Adelaide, which city would be your favourite to live in? Why?
I actually moved to Melbourne recently for a change of scenery. Melbourne is kind of like Adelaide but 4 times bigger with a lot more going on. The arts and music scene here is thriving a bit more than it is at home, and I wanted to be surrounded by that for a while.

What would be a perfect slogan for Adelaide?
“Adelaide – You can probably afford a house here.”

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