Interview: Mike Park (Asian Man Records / Fun Fun Records)

Das Label Asian Man Records ist aus der Punk-Subkultur nicht mehr wegzudenken. Szene-Größen wie Alkaline Trio, The Lawrence Arms oder Bom The Music Industry! haben viele großartige Platten auf dem kalifornischen Label veröffentlicht. Seit 1996 veröffentlicht Mike Park (der im Übrigen auch in der The Bruce Lee Band spielt) alles, worauf er Lust hat. Seit zwei Jahren existiert außerdem das Label Fun Fun Records, auf dem kinderfreundlichere Alben erscheinen. In unserem Kurz-Interview berichtet Mike von diesem Label und den nächsten beiden Veröffentlichungen.

What was your motivation to start Fun Fun Records?

My motivation to start fun fun was becoming a father and then making up fun silly songs to try and get my daughter to stop crying and then my son and then as they got older I would improvise funny songs that they enjoyed and so I thought why not make a whole record of fun kid friendly songs.

Do the cover artworks differ from the ones at Asian Man records since the target audience is not exactly the same?

Yes, most definitely. We can’t have 3 clocks lined up at 6 o’clock like with Alkaline Trio’s „goddamnit“.
We want it to be colorful and playful and something that catches the eyes of the kids.

The next two releases are by Koo Koo Kanga Roo and Happy Wags. What can you tell us about those records?

Koo Koo Kanga Roo are just a ball of energy. It’s total dance party music. Some describe it as Beastie Boys meet Sesame Street. It’s unpretentious fun music that’s meant strictly to have fun. Nothing more, nothing less.
Happy Wags is a project from Jesse Wagner from the Aggrolites. He had been demoing songs that were a result of being a new uncle and he wanted to play songs for his nephew. And the result is a great mix of Reggae, Ska, Punk, Soul, R & B.


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Which musician or band would you wish to try recordings children songs?

HA!! THat’s a tough one. Maybe somebody like SLAYER, just because it would be so silly.

Koo Koo Kanga Roo – „Whoopty Whoop“ erscheint am 13. Mai 2014. Happy Wags – „Happy Wags“ erscheint am 10. Juni 2014.