Cites #12 -San Jose (Sam King / Get Dead)

Get Dead sind das neue raue Rückgrat des Kultlabels Fat Wreck Chords. Der Punkrock mit Whiskey-Stimme, den die fünf produzieren, ist gleichermaßen der perfekte Soundtrack für den Abend in der Kneipe oder zum Skaten in der warmen Mittagssonne. Was will man mehr?
Im Rahmen ihres Konzertes mit MxPx und Kris Roe haben wir uns Sänger Sam King (2. v. r.) geschnappt und mit ihm über seine neue und alte Heimatstadt San Jose geplaudert.

Since when do you live in San Jose?
I moved about two years ago and I’ve lived in San Francisco for ten years. Before that I moved around a lot. But I grew up in San Jose.

What should everyone know about San Jose?
San Jose has got the San Jose Sharks hockey team. We just got a stadium build. We’re taking the San Francisco 49ers. So people are pretty upset about that. It’s got awesome mexican food – along with that a lot of mexicans, a lot of gang members. It’s pretty rough on friday nights. But it’s a good city. You know the Silicon Valley? That’s San Jose! It’s like a mix between low income people and really rich people.

Is there a thing that totally annoys you about the city?
The police. And it’s also a college town. So on friday and on saturday night it is hard to go out and have a beer.


Do you have a favourite venue to watch or play shows?
Yeah, there’s a venue that’s called Johnny V’s. It’s on Santa Clara Street and it’s really small but it’s a really great club. The owner, Johnny, is really great. Always accommodating – whatever you want to drink, eat – he’ll hook you up.

Besides of venues, do you have a favourite place in San Jose?
I think my favourite place would be DBD tattoo shop. I’t my friends tattoo shop and it’s kind of like our club house, where we hang out. It’s where our friends meet after work and drink some beers and get stupid tattoos.

Can you think of a song, record, movie, book or band that reflects San Jose?
San Jose? I don’t know. I think that would be like a mariachi band. Mariachi El Bronx! That would pretty much sound like San Jose.


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In what extent does living in this particular city influence you in your music?
I guess it’s not much to do there. So there is a lot of drinking and bad mistakes being made. So that pretty much goes hand in hand with writing songs I guess.

If you had to, where would you like move to?
I’d probably move back to Costa Rica. I lived there for a little while and it’s really nice in Santa Teresa. I would say that I would move back to San Francisco but it’s too many hipsters and it’s super expensive. If I got to see one more fucker with a mustache on a bike…

What would be a perfect slogan for San Jose?
Fuck, a slogan? I don’t know, man. „Hurry up and move away!“? „Don’t Get Arrested!“? „Don’t wear blue in the red territory!“? My perfect slogan would just be „Go Sharks!“. I’m a big San Jose Sharks hockey fan.