Cities #14 – Taylor Madison (Superheaven) über Quakertown

Superheaven – vorher unter dem Namen Daylight bekannt – sind eine der großen Hoffnungen des modernen Grunge-Sounds. In diesem Jahr hat die Band bei SideOneDummy ihr Debütalbum „Jar“ wiederveröffentlicht und war zusammen mit Nai Harvest auch hier zulande unterwegs. Im Rahmen dieser Tour hat sich Sänger Taylor Madison unseren kleinen Fragebogen vorgenommen. Schonmal vom 10.000 Seelen Städtchen Quakertown in Pennsylvania gehört? Nein? Dann wird es jetzt Zeit:

Since when do you live in Quakertown?
For about two years now. But I’ve lived in the area my whole life.

What should everyone know about the city?
It’s widely considered the poor/white trash area of our county.

Do you have a favourite venue to watch or play shows in Quakertown?
There used to be shows at a local church, but they don’t really happen anymore.


The most annoying thing about the city is…
The majority of the people who inhabit it.

If you had to choose, where would you move to?
Probably LA. It’s very busy, but I’ve enjoyed my time there every time I’ve visited.

Do you have a favourite album/song/book/movie about Quakertown?
I’d be shocked if there were any of those made about Quakertown.


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What would you recommend for people that visit the city for the first time?
Quakertown is probably best known for it’s local farmers market, known as the Q-Mart. It’s a large, mostly-indoor market that has about 100 shops. It’s known for it’s unique and strange inhabitants. It’s kind of a freakshow, to be honest. I’ve frequented the place all my life, and it never gets any less weird.

Please complete: Quakertown is the … of the world.
Like I said, Quakertown is pretty much known for being a dump. The trashy, poor people area of our section of the Philadelphia suburbs. Anytime I tell someone that’s where I live, they’re response is usually a raised eyebrow, accompanied by a surprised „really?“ It’s not as bad as people make it out to be, and there are wealthier parts of the town. But overall, it really is kind of a dump.