Halloween Mixtape 2015

Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween without all those awesome songs. No matter if it’s „Thriller“ by Michael Jackson or everything ever released by Misfits, certain tracks are an as important part of Halloween as the Jack O’Lantern or drunk people in costumes. We asked several musicians to help us create the perfect playlist to scare your party guests. Celebrate October, 31st with a mixtape currated by Emily Barker, The Subways, Such Gold, Muncie Girls, Gnarwolves, The Static Age and many more.

Such Gold - Halloween

Such Gold – dressed as Black Metal Disney Princesses

1. Michael Jackson – Thriller

It’s quite an obvious choice perhaps but it takes me back to a fun time at highschool when I was 14 year old and me and a bunch of my girlfriends choreographed a dance routine to the song and then dressed up as ghouls, zombies and ghosts and performed it one evening to the entire school. I got to be Michael Jackson, miming along and doing the best moon walk I could muster. Great song, great record.

Emily Barker

Halloween has always been one of my favorite times of the year. I loved getting dressed up when I was a kid, and still do. My favorite costume was a Terminator 2 costume that had a half metal face mask with a red light up eye. Whenever I hear „Thriller“ by Michael Jackson it just gets me in that spooky Halloween mood with all the zombies coming out of the ground to basically party.

Brian Marquis

2. Goblin Cock – We Got A Bleeder

We are big fans of Rob Crow. Between his software work in Pinback and his odd-ball angularity in Heavy Vegetable, he’s been in a million different bands that we really dig. We are also huge fans of dressing up in ridiculous costumes. Last Halloween we made intense fools of ourselves on stage in Indianapolis as we dressed up as „Black Metal Disney Princesses“. I’ll let this picture speak for itself. In this particular band, „Goblin Cock“, Crow dons the name „Lord Phallus“ and a Druid’s hooded robe. He riffs through slower, idiosyncratic, melodic heavy metal that takes itself as seriously as it’s name. Rob Crow gets to live everyday as an other worldly persona, and dress up like its Halloween as a principle of the band! Now if we could only get away with wearing corpse paint everyday, life would be good.

Such Gold

3. Mötley Crüe – Shout At The Devil

I remember playing this song on Guitar Hero II at a Halloween party when I was a kid. The lyrics are spooky, and it rocks hard.


4. Ray Parker Jr – Ghostbusters

Oh man I love that song! By the way… Ghostbusters was my most repurchased (or rather rerecorded) videotape, because I just watched it too often. And although this song is not very scary, it’s a guarantee on getting your Halloween party started. If you search something that scares you to death when you listen to it, just take a song of Justin Bieber. Really spooky!

An Early Cascade (Maik Czymara)

Moon (Photo by Gabriel Santiago)

5. Alkaline Trio – Crawl

I’ve decided to pick the song „Crawl“ by one of my favourite punkrock bands of all time – the Alkaline Trio. Halloween always reminds me of the amazing live DVD „Halloween at the Metro“ by these guys. I guess most of us got this ONE movie, DVD or whatever, that you always (start to) watch, when you get home drunk not willing to sleep yet. well… that’s mine.

O Captain! My Captain! (Pascal Vicari)

6. Nick Cave – Song Of Joy

This song is great. It’s just so creepy! The music is very haunting, the story is creepy, and Cave’s performance is spot on. It tells the story of a man whose family was murdered and he has been roaming around ever since. However you as the listener are given the impression that he in fact is the murderer. Spooky.

Bryan McPherson

7. The Damned – Plan 9 Channel 7

Because it’s the fucking Damned. It’s not the Halloween season without Dave Vanian and Captain Sensible.

The Static Age (Adam Meilleur)

8. Sunparlour Players – Don’t Be Afraid Of The Spark

This song is on the record, „Us Little Devils“ released in 2011. In honour of this hallows eve i can describe this song as such. Where i grew up (near Detroit, USA) halloween time meant lots of house fires. Lots. So fire was a real fear as a young child. As i grew up that fear lessened and i began to start liking the idea of fires. The kind that don’t go out. The kind that can still be scary. This is not always a bad thing. Enjoy.

Sunparlour Players

Foggy Night (Photo by Jesse Bowser)

9. Lustmord – Heresy Part 1

I was hoping to pick „Within“ from the Neurosis & Jarboe collaboration for this, but seeing as it’s not on Spotify, I’ll go with some Lustmord instead. There some seriously eerie vibes to be found there.

Barren Womb (Tony Gonzhal)

10. My Chemical Romance – Vampires Will Never Hurt You

The first time I heard this song was in the summer of 2002. I was a huge fan of Thursday and knew Geoff Rickly had produced the EP/Album so I checked them out, only to be completely blown away. ‘I brought you my bullets, you brought me your love’ was one of my favourite albums of that year and this song was the highlight of their career for me. 

The reason I’ve chosen it as my Halloween playlist submission (aside from the obvious halloweeny themed name) is because every year on October 31st when I’m covered in fake blood and drunk on a cocktail of rum and ghoulishness you can be sure that at some point this song will blast from the stereo and I will scream along to every word like I’m a teenager all over again!

Brightr (Laurie)

11. Misfits – Saturday Night

The only record that I have in my collection which contains a „Halloween-Song“ is „Famous Monsters“ by Misfits. As a teenager I was listening to that record a lot – especially to the song „Saturday Night“. I know that most people say only the older records contain the true Misift-Sound, but as this album is the only Misfits-Record I own, this would definitely rotate on my Halloween-Party.

Yellowknife (Tobi Mösch)

12. Talking Heads – Psycho Killer

It’s got to be the best song for a Halloween party. It’s super weird and I love Tina Weymouth’s bass in it. „I hate people when they’re not polite.“

Muncie Girls

13. Alkaline Trio – Halloween (Misfits)

The Alkaline Trio cover of ‘Halloween’ by The Misfits chilling. It is haunting and dreary, stripped down to nothing but a lone piano accompanied by Matt Skiba’s voice, and the occasional textural organ. It is my favorite Halloween song: dark and dreadful, just like the holiday should be.

Shy, Low (Sean Doody)


14. Ramones – Pet Sematary

It’s one that is always requested at our shows and has a great music video with it. Also one of our favourites!

– Ramonas

15. Gary Numan – Down In The Park

Although the dated production quality and place-in-time analog synth lines might make it difficult to hear at first listen, „Down in the Park“ by Gary Numan remains to this day one of the spookiest songs I’ve ever heard. The subtle and effortless lyrics, which evoke mysterious images of „rape machines“ and an ominous and potentially untrustworthy friend named „Five“, send shivers down my spine on every listen, and the more carefully I pay attention, the quirky, bubblegum lead lines in the choruses and outro begin to create a tense and stomach-churning musical experience for me as a listener. Numan tells the story from the perspective of a character inhabiting a dystopian urban hell and it strikes the right narrative balance of total vagueness and spot-on lyrical precision, serving as the perfect counterpart to a creepy Halloween night out–as though you’re not sure if you want to cower in darkness with a pillow or hit the

Eamon McGrath

16. Chuck Berry – Downbound Train

I love this eerie tune by Chuck Berry. It’s unlike anything else I’m aware of in his catalogue. Downbound Train has a killer rockabilly rhythm that chugs along like the ghost train described in lyrics where ‚the devil himself was the engineer‘. The story in this song unfoldslike a whole movie in 2:35 min. Supreme badass, the signature Chuck Berry solo takes on a haunting and desperate vibe over the droning upright bass line. Great Halloween song!

Mad Ones (Andrew DeVillers)

Rails (Photo by Andrea Boldizsar)

17. The Cramps – Human Fly

If I was at a Halloween party full of real monsters who just invited humans to mess with them, then kill them, this song would probably be playing at that party.

Walk The Plank (Tim Bean)

18. Tori Amos – Wednesday

The song came out around Halloween 2002 and carries such a haunting and subtle eeriness that Tori Amos does so well. The verses are topically mundane on purpose to enhance the drastic shift into the choruses because when the chorus hits it makes the hair on your neck stand up. And when the song ends with her line „lost in a place called…America“ she’s referencing the frightening nature of the simple things in life. Enjoy!

Divided Heaven

19. Ghost – Ritual

I’d choose ‚Ritual‘ by Ghost. The lyrics speak for themselves as far as creepy Halloween / classic horror topics (human sacrifice, etc.). Couple that with the old school metal sound and the fact that the band members wear incredibly ornate costumes on stage and I think this song fits perfectly on any Halloween playlist.

Kiska (Adam Staszweski)

20. AFI – Halloween (Misfits)

The reason I like it so much and picked this one is because I’ve been posting it online to my friends every Halloween for the past 4 years. In fact, I always celebrate Halloween by listening to that EP. AFI are a great band, the kings of goth punk!

The Winter Passing (Rob Flynn)

Halloween (Photo by Hide Obara)

21. Teenage Bottlerocket – Haunted House

As a band we’ve never been to a halloween party or played a concert dressed up like monsters or something. In fact, most of us don’t like to wear costumes at all, except for Karen maybe, who once showed up as a Freddy Mercury double to her own birthday party… but that’s another story. We do like songs about monsters, ghosts and scary stuff though. Teenage Bottlerocket have plenty of them and this is our favorite because it touches all kinds of creepy things…


22. The Nerve Agents – Jekyll & Hyde

I choose „Jekyll & Hyde“ by The Nerve Agents. I chose this cause well apart from most misfits & AFI songs, „days of the White owl“ by nerve agents is one of those albums in the hardcore punk scene that throws that horror influence in. Plus this song has Davey Havok in it which is one of the best and spookiest sections written.

Gnarwolves (Charlie)

23. Calabrese – Midnight Spook Show

Halloween is definitely a holiday owned by the Misfits, so I tried to pick something that gave me the same vibe, but was maybe a little less obvious. Here is Calabrese „Midnight Spook Show“. It is super catchy, reminds me of a mix of a bunch of other bands I like (AFI, Tiger Army) and is perfect for Halloween.

Spirits (Charles)

At Night (Photo by Kyle Richner)

24. Misfits – I Turned Into A Martian

When i think of music associated with Haloween, I only think of the Misfits, they are the only « scary » that i listen to. I kind of like to stay away from being scared by things that don’t exist. I’m already scared enough by things that might exist. This is my favorite Misfits song i think, maybe. If someone would ask me to DJ at Haloween, i would only play misfits songs. DJ DAN ZIG. Everyone makes fun of Danzing. I think he’s a great singer. Nobody makes fun of me. I think i’m a bad singer. Go figure.

The Sainte Catherines / Powernap

25. The Specials – Ghost Town

An eerie atmosphere created in this song by the music. Lyrically it doesn’t refer literally to ghosts & ghouls but we reckon with all your friends dressed super scary, Halloween can borrow this song for the night & it’ll be a great song for your Halloween party!

– The Subways

26. Blaster The Rocket Man – Frankenstein’s Monster Wants A Wife

We have always been fans of this crazy Scifi punk band. The song has an awesome and very catchy strut to it. Blaster is also one of the best live show bands I have ever seen. The Lyrics basically are the words of the mad scientist Frankenstein as he creates his love. It’s awesome!

– Flatfoot 56 / 6’10 (Tobin Bawinkel)

Squiview staff pick: Alice Cooper – Welcome To My Nightmare

A Halloween party without Alice Cooper isn’t a proper Halloween party!


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Squiview wishes a scary Halloween!