Squismas 2015: Trash Candy and the worst christmas movies ever

There are a lot of christmas movies out there and not all of them are great. To be honest most of them are pretty awful. To celebrate this fact we asked Trash Candy from Slovenia to pick their five worst christmas movies. With a band name like that they are pretty much born to be our jury for this little countdown – although we have to admit that they should seriously reconsider No. 5, Right?


5. Home Alone

Well it’s not actually that bad, but seeing it over and over again, year after year just makes you wanna vomit. :)



4. Jingle All The Way

Schwarzenegger in a christmas movie – enough said :)



3. Ernest Saves Christmas

You probably remember this guy from a movie, where he’s given a pair of magical basketball sneakers. But Ernest saves Christmas it’s just plain dumb.



2. Just Friends

Not actually a christmas movie, but it happens around that time. Anna Faris is usually hilarious (Scary movie, Smiley face…), but this one is just awful.



1. The Nutcracker (3D)

We think Tchaikovsky is probably rolling in his grave. Nutcracker is a wonderful and memorable ballet, with amazing music. Turning it into a wannabe “blockbuster” is a recipe for failure.



…and here is Trash Candy doing what they do best: