Mit Brightr nach Eastbourne

Eastbourne im Süden Englands (ca. 30 km östlich von Brighton) eilt der Ruf voraus, der sonnigste Platz der Insel zu sein. Zu den knapp 100.000 Einwohnern kommen im Sommer daher noch zahlreiche Touristen, die ein paar Tage am Meer verbringen wollen. Trotz – oder gerade wegen – dieser Vorraussetzungen kommt mit Brightr einer der spannendsten neuen Singer/Songwriter. Für uns hat sich der Künstler etwas Zeit genommen und präsentiert uns ein kleines Portrait der Küstenstadt.

Brighter Eastbourne

I grew up in a small suburb of Eastbourne, on the south east coast of England, where I spent the majority of my youth. It’s not a city, even though it is pretty big and has a lot of people and tourism, but it definitely retains a town vibe when compared to the cultured adventure that is our nearest city, Brighton.


Although it’s pretty much on it’s last legs now, the music scene in Eastbourne used to be pretty vibrant, with a good number of venues regularly running shows and pulling in national touring bands as well as locals. So many of my teenage nights were spent in sweaty music venues pretending to be old enough to be there, whilst forming a relationship with the music invading my ears and the artists responsible for it.


Those early experiences encouraged me to form my own bands with friends (in between skateboarding, breaking bones, playing football with jumpers for posts and getting into whatever trouble we could get in to pass the time) and I was soon playing the same stages I’d grown up watching others play on.

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The most important venue to me in the town was called Stringbendys, a place that for a long time was able to draw an impressive number of touring bands down to Eastbourne in favour of Brighton. It was something of a dive, with holes in the walls & floor, frequently broken toilets and the ever-present fear of early death from the intoxicating stench of old spilt beer and bodies, but it was ours, and a large amount of my teens was spent in that place. Unfortunately it’s been closed for years, but the memories of great shows still remain.


So much of my young life was spent wishing I could be somewhere other than my hometown. It’s what led me to tour so much as soon as I could and see the world. However it’s the town and the area that I made most of my greatest memories in, and it will always be special to me for that. I still play the occasional show there and I’m so pleased every time I see another awesome band coming out of the town.


So if you get a chance, sack off the chaos of Brighton for one day and come enjoy a peaceful day by the sea, you might even catch me eating chips on a bench.


Au revoir!

Laurie // Brightr


Brightrs Debüt-Album „Year One“ erscheint am 11. März auf Flix Records. Live gibt es Laurie hier zu sehen:

11.02.2016. – The Pub Musicafe, Tongeren (BE)

12.02.2016. – Alles ist gut, Paderborn

13.02.2016. – Gängeviertel, Hamburg

14.02.2016. – TBA, Leipzig

15.02.2016. – Katy’s Garage, Dresden

16.02.2016. – House-Show, Berlin

17.02.2016. – Kavka, Antwerp (BE)

18.02.2016. – House-Show, Frechen- Habbelrath

19.02.2016. – “PRIVAT”, Köln

20.02.2016. – Sedel, Lucerne (CH)