Halcyon Hope zeigen uns Odense

Finger hoch, wer von euch weiß aus dem Stand wo Odense liegt? Na? Na? Keine Panik, in unserer zwanzigsten Ausgabe von Cities berichtet uns Nicolai von Halcyon Hope von seiner dänischen Heimatstadt. Die Geburtsstadt von Hans Christian Andersen hat definitiv das Zeug dazu, euer nächstes Urlaubsziel zu werden, oder?

Halcyon Hope

When did / since when do you live in Odense?

Well most of the band has lived here all our lives. I have personally spend my childhood in the suburbs and then later on I moved to the center. That combination has been great for me. I remember spending summer evenings playing with all the other kids in my neighborhood. When you’re a kid you just need good company wherever you are and you’ll be happy, but as you grow older and start to go out with your friends, everything is just much easier when you live close to the center.

What should everyone know about Odense?

First of all Odense is the birthplace of the famous author Hans Christian Andersen.. The guy who wrote a lot of fairytales, including the little mermaid. As far as I remember the original fairytale is a little more dark and twisted than the watered-down Disney version, but It’s still the same basic idea. That’s pretty special for Odense and Denmark in general. We’re a small country, so we don’t have a lot of brag about.
Also Odense is – just as the rest of Denmark – a pretty safe place. A lot of people raise their kids here, because it has a “homey” feel to it. The population is around 200.000, so it’s still big enough to still support some cultural events.

Is there a thing that totally annoys you about the city?

This subject is a natural extension on what I mentioned before.. It’s safe here and a lot of people raise their kids here. That is definitely not a problem on it’s own, but for many years the cultural environment and the music scene was really shit here. People would rather stay at home and watch TV. However, this is really starting to change over the last couple of years. We’re headed in the right direction! I big new festival just started here last year and it’s coming again this summer.

What is the greatest thing about living there?

The great thing is that we know the city so well. As I’ve said we’ve lived here most our lives so it simply just feels like home. Geographically it’s also located really well.. we’re pretty close to the capital Copenhagen and the second largest city in Denmark, Århus. Also, It’s just a couple of ours in a car and then we’re in Germany, On a personal level, we just have a lot of contacts here. It makes it easy for us to organize events and the possibilities for doing so in this town are pretty good.

How does the city reflect itself in your music? Does it influence you in any way?

Well, I think It reflects in the lyrical themes of a lot of our songs. They often deal with aspirering towards something greater and in a sense breaking the boundaries of what you’re faced with right now. I don’t think that would make the same sense if we lived in New York or London. It’s really easy to conform to a semi-boring life here in Odense if you don’t constantly keep in mind what you want for yourself. I personally find this struggle to realize myself really fascinating.

Whats your favourite venue to play there?

It depends on what kind of show you’re looking for, but I love to play „Posten“ which is the biggest venue in Odense, located next to the train station. The acoustics there are fucking awesome and they spent a lot of time developing it! But, I also love „Kansas City“ which is a venue connected with our rehearsal space. It’s a bit away from the center, but it’s always great fun playing there. A lot of musician usually go see concerts there themselves so that creates a great atmosphere.


What’s your favourite place in the city?

That’s an easy one.. Boogie’s nightclub. I can’t even begin to count the times I’ve been there while being absolutely shitfaced.. that’s one of the rare placed in this world where I spend time on the dance floor trying to do something that resembles dancing..

Do you have a favourite song or movie about Odense? What would be a perfect slogan for the city?

I don’t think there’s ever been made a movie or song about Odense, so that’s a tough one. It would be a shame if I should reduce this city to a slogan with my limited poetic skills, but a potential slogan would have to incorporate that fact that this is an old, beautiful and safe town. If you wanted the slogan to stand out, it should probably include vikings in some way, since that would probably draw the attention of young people a little more.